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AngularJS SignalR service provider:

Module name "signalR", Service name "hubs".

Use by creating a new instance per specific service hub.
Do not create multiple instances to connect to the same hub.

To enable full error details add this to server hub registration:
RouteTable.Routes.MapHubs(new HubConfiguration { EnableDetailedErrors = true });

Pass to constructor the following params:

hubName - string - name of hub as defined on the server - can be lower case.
options - object - optional contains the following options:
clientFunctions - {fooClient:function(arg1,arg2...) {...},...} - object with callback functions to be called from server.
defaults - {} - object with properties to be added as default to service scope.
initialize - function() {...} - function that is called before service is started to allow initialization of properties.
logging - bool - default false - set to true to log all traffic to console. if false only errors will be logged to console.

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